Cellestial Dreams

Beset on 37,687 square meters of area, the design possesses spatial residences with ambient and bountiful open spaces. From its sides, the conventional looking monolithic building stands tall as though a singular cuboid mass. But it’s when you take a stroll within the complex, though, that things really change. The 245 ft. high volumes envelop the lush lawn- creating an introverted complex.

The large circular landscape rises from the ground and engulfs in itself the functions secretly; creating a subtle balance between the nature and the man. It is surrounded by a walking track, giving possibilities to create conversations; also rejuvenate one’s mind on a quiet walk with oneself.

 Nonetheless, surrounded by the towering volumes that contain life, the sculptural landscape raised on levels- up and down, creates within itself thoughtful spaces for the individual, and spaces for rendezvous for the mass and crowd.

The internal layout of the 4000-5000 sq. ft. flat is designed paying heed to the traditional Hindu philosophy of Vastu Shastra. With a floor height of 12ft., the design is such that allows the space to converse with oneself- offering sheer luxury to the habitant. A typical floor integrates two houses- creating vistas of the ornate landscape and the surrounding roads and plots, on its either sides. The house is designed in a way that it brings a balance between the workaholic and the chair-warmer in you.

  The space utility of the ground floor is enhanced as the parking is being positioned on the two basement floors underneath the Ground level. The ground level thus accommodates within itself numerous amenities to simplify the lives of the dwellers by making all their needs available at their doorstep; and creating a pleasant gathering space.

A unit of a typical flat consists of an office area, home theatre and extravagant decks- connected by a family area and a bedroom. A dip in the burbling waters or sipping your favourite beverage while relaxing on the wooden deck with your family, will undoubtedly make for a perfect evening, indoors.

The surprise really begins when life is brought to the terrace, or the ‘Party Terrace’ as it is rightly called. The terrace holds a peculiar feature of garden and decks with waterbody running across that can become a perfect venue to host a festive dinner. The gazebos and pergolas on the terrace are a gala spot for a cup of chai under the dreamy sky. It allows an individual to instigate a conversation with oneself under the vast expanse. The collonades stretch across the façade of the building unto the terrace and 8 metres higher- keeping us open to sky and yet making us feel secured enough to open our hearts out, at such a height. In the darker hours, a view of the central landscape is as though a starry night sky- only that can be watched from above!